It is estimated that more than three million American workers are currently employed by a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers employee leasing services. These employees represent every facet of the workface, from accountants to zookeepers. There is no stereotypical PEO - employee leasing client.
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“I have purchased approximately 6 leads. I have closed 3 of them, and have a 4th close to closing! A fantastic return on investment!  Because of your leads, I have increased my goals for 2002. (So keep 'em coming!)”

Verbatim comments from a sales person with one of our PEO Members.

More than an effective marketing partner, could be the missing link between you and your next sale. When you become one of our PEO (professional employer organization) Members, you can take advantage of our daily-generated leads and many other benefits. We go to great lengths to educate companies about the many benefits of employee leasing and then encourage them to consider employee leasing and fill out a Pricing Request. After verifying the contact information, we then offer these leads to our PEO Members.

Become a PEO Member and take advantage of our leads. The registration fee is a mere $25. You will not pay any other fees unless we award you a lead and you close it. You may pay your account set up fee with a credit card, or you may request the system to email you an invoice, and you can print the invoice and pay it.

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